Gran Barón | #FarmersInfluencers
Gran Barón | #FarmersInfluencers
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We are Gran Barons!

The brand’s main value is the people who work hard every day to offer the best quality product in each bottle. This is small example of people that are part of the Vallformosa Club.

Behind the bottles of Gran Barón there are thousands of stories, those of the people who have worked to obtain the best cava and who share a glass of cava with their friends and relatives.


They are honest, transparent and strong people.They speak frankly about their lives, about each story that has marked their path. Whether it is raining, windy, hot or cold they work their land every day to obtain the highest-quality grapes in the area. Until now they have lived discreetly, silently with their family. But from now on they are the real protagonists of the Gran Barón cavas.

We no longer speak of the winegrowers in plural; now we speak of Pere, Antonia, Joan, Josep, Rubén, Jaume, Rossend and as many as 350 people more. Some of them like to ride their bicycles, others like to look after their horses and some love to meet with their friends and chat. But they have in common that they live like a ‘Gran Barón’ (Great Baron), in their towns with their families and cultivating their fertile lands. These everyday and real moments live within the bottles of Gran Barón cava and we want to share them with everyone. We bottle reflections of reality.

The relationship between Gran Barón and its grape suppliers is excellent and close. We offer services, training and technical advice throughout the year to all the winegrowers who want it. A steadfast relationship of more than 20 years.