Gran Barón | Para Compartir
Gran Barón | Para Compartir
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Gran Barón is made for sharing with friends and family and for people
who enjoy the good life and live like
“Great Baron”.

In the heart of the cava region, near Barcelona, people say that: “They live like a Great Baron”. The people enjoy the privilege of a unique microclimate, with more than 300 days of sunshine per year.

Great barons like to share their good fortune with others, because sharing is caring. The best example of this culture of exchange are the tapas: small appetizers with great flavour.

And Gran Barón? Gran Barón has the same aspiration: “for sharing”. With relatives, friends and strangers who become friends because they share the same passion: enjoying life like a Great Baron.

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The production

The production

Gran Barón produces 100 % of its grape most. “All the grapes used by Gran Barón are monitored from their source.

100 % control

100 % control

Control of the fermentation and entire production processes, from grapes in the vineyard to the final bottling. Continuos improvement of materials and processes, testing of the products and new technologies that ensure quality.

Our winemaker

Our winemaker

Xavi Pons is our international award-winning winemaker. Our technical team controls the vineyards throughout the year.

+500 vineyards

+500 vineyards

We grow high quality grapes from vineyards located more than 500 meters above sea-level, where temperature contrast between day and night in the summer time causes grapes slower, giving them greater aroma, flavor and color.

Bottling sparkles of reality


Gran Barón lifestyle